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The undergraduate program offers a wide range of academic skills development and provides the best opportunity to achieve great results for the award through the support of dedicated faculty members. Our university has an excellent significance for teaching and learning and is renowned for its work in the field of workplace learning. This course is taught by both academics and practitioners and strikes a balance between theory and application.

This course aims to better understand organizations and sustainable development strategies. The modules taught are the most recent categories of the curriculum available for this course. The structure of individual programs and modules may change from time to time as the curriculum improves, professional development, changes in location, or depending on the practice, regulations or external requirements. Revealing key concepts; Lessons in the application of theory in real situations; Use of electronic resources through libraries and Moodle systems. The course also uses case studies to bring theory to life.

The main form of assessment is a curriculum in which theory is to be applied to real-life cases. However, additional presentations and exams are also included, so you have the opportunity to develop other skills. Our university not only has excellent connections with global companies but is also the most modern and hospitable. It is a special and unique place to develop from student to self-confident business professional. Your name is right here. We appreciate your creativity. During your studies, you will be supervised and supported by a private tutor. These are people who support you in life’s difficulties.

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