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Course Overview

By obtaining a CPCM certification, you may demonstrate that you match the strictest criteria for contract management competencies, according to NCMA.

Your Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) training and associated certification serve as evidence of your ability. Also put to the test are the greatest levels of NCMA education, training, and experience. You can use it to show that you understand the skills included in the Contract Management Body of Knowledge.

Holders of the CPCM® credential have acquired the highest levels of education, training, and experience and have shown their mastery of contract management to fulfil NCMA USA requirements. Professionals in the field of contract management now place more value on the CPCM® certificate.



Who should apply?

Individuals with a general interest in contracts who work in contract management. those who are employed by big or small businesses, the government, and especially businesses. Entrepreneurs, Contract administrators, subcontractors, procurement managers, project managers, and particularly quality assurance personnel are all promoted by CPCM Certification. People who desire to advance their careers in contract management, in other words.

Exam Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Five years of work experience in contract management or related field.

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