Doctor of Business Administration


3 years

Awarded By

Lincoln University College

Mode of Learning


Course Overview

The DBA exposes applicants to essential management topics and ideas, as well as requiring them to exhibit a post-MBA level of conceptual comprehension. It was created to help them improve their abilities to gather, analyze, evaluate, explain, and link data, present findings effectively and quickly, and put principles into practice.

Course Aim

DBA focuses on the development of students’ thinking abilities as well as preparing them for leadership roles such as administrators or business professionals, who will assist in the growth of business organizations and endeavor to improve global business.

DBA fosters applied research that is useful to businesses and industry.
This program of study is designed for persons who are willing to face obstacles and make a substantial contribution in the field of global business.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) (Level 7, MQF); or
Other qualification that is equivalent to the above mentioned qualification.

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Research Design

Organizational Behaviour

Marketing Philosophy and Strategy

Research methodology

Research Analysis Techniques

Current Issues in Economics

Entrepreneurship management

Global Enterprise and Leadership

Recent trends in Financial Decision Making

Doctoral Dissertation

CEO of A Corporation or Business Owner

Senior Level Management Positions

Business Consultant

Ongoing, Limited Seats Available.

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