Diploma in Accounting


2 Years 6 Months

Awarded By

Lincoln University College

Mode of Learning



Exam Based

Course Overview

Our curriculum, the Diploma in Accounting, is designed for people who wish to earn this degree quickly and seek to work in the accounting sector. The students in this programme will also receive hands-on training in the accounting discipline, preparing them for jobs in the accounting industry. The course is accessible through open and distance learning (ODL).

Course Aim

This programme has been specifically created for employees who should carry out accounting tasks like implementing and maintaining accounting systems, creating and maintaining financial statements, creating and maintaining business performance reports, maintaining internal control systems, and creating and maintaining management accounting reports.

    1. Meet the minimum requirements of the MQA Program Standard / professional body requirements / recommendations for student recruitment during that period; or
    2. Other qualifications recognized by the Government.

    Any changes to the Program Standard / MQA professional requirements / recommendations will apply to new cohort students only.

    Implementation of the eligibility requirements in accordance with the MQA Professional Program / Professional Body Requirements / Recommendations is applicable in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Malaysian Qualifications Agency circular (MQA) when enforcing the application of MQA Professional Program / Professional Body Requirements / Recommendations.

1- Send an email to Admissions@edu.org stating your preferred program and specialization.

2- Our Educational Consultant will contact you.

English 1
Human Resource Management
Introduction to Accounting
Elective (Choose any one module from the following):
Malaysian Studies 2 – Local Students
Malay Language Communication 2- International Students
Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming
Business Mathematics
English 2
Financial Accounting 1
Fundamental of Finance
Cost Accounting
Creative Problem Solving
Business Statistics
English for Professional Purposes
Financial Accounting 2
Constitution and Community
Business Ethics
Business Law
Audit I
Taxation I
Management Accounting
Company Law
Financial Accounting 3
Taxation II
Audit II
Industrial Training
Computerized Accounting System
Financial Accounting 4
Money & Banking

Professionals of Diploma in Accounting can work as a:

  1. Accountant
  2. Assistant Accountant
  3. Administration Manager
  4. Office Manager
  5. Budget Officer
  6. Senior Financial Clerk
  1. January
  2. May
  3. September

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