MBA in Hospitality Management


12 to 18 months

Awarded By

Lincoln University College

Mode of Learning



Assignment Based

Course Overview

Our curriculum focuses on students gaining fundamental essential information as well as practical skills that will help them become entrepreneurs or marketing leaders in the rapidly increasing hospitality industry. Students can also learn about strategic business and marketing abilities, operational challenges, service concerns, and other key aspects of the hospitality industry through our curriculum.

Course Aim

Our major goal is to emphasize strategic management aspects so that students can cope with the constantly changing and challenging situations that are a part of the hospitality sector.

We also value group projects, field work, and seminars, since these types of experiences will enable students to demonstrate their worth in the professional service industry.

  1. Passed Bachelor’s Degree with minimum CGPA of 3.00;

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Marketing Management

Strategic Management

Business Economics

Organizational Behavior

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Entrepreneurship Management (Elective 1)

Research Method for Hospitality and Tourism Management

Risk Management In Hospitality Business(Elective 2)

Business Ethics

Business Accounting & Finance

Human Resource Management

Service Operation Management

Graduate Research/Applied Research

Contemporary Trend And Issues In Hospitality And Tourism Industry

Sustainable Tourism

Leadership In Hospitality Management

  1. Hotel/Resort Managers.
  2. Restaurant Managers.
  3. Property Managers.
  4. Assistant Managers.
  5. General Managers.
  6. Human Resource Managers.
  7. Marketing and Sales Professionals.
  8. Front Office Managers.
  9. Food and Beverage Directors.
  10. Group Travel Facilitators.
  11. Special Event Planners.
  12. Conference Planners.

Each course is  scheduled every twice a month.

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